The Ten Keys to Happiness: Emotional Wellness

How well do you know happiness? If happiness is a stranger to you, you may not even be familiar with the feeling or frame of mind. Happy people expect happiness, so it is their default. They are generally happy, even though they get thrown for a loop every once in a while.

Some people default to unhappy automatically, and it takes someone or something to help them change that default. A person with an unhappy default can be temporarily happy, but it won’t last. They will usually default to unhappiness when something perceived as negative occurs because that is where they are comfortable.

What’s your default? Are you almost always happy, with it taking a lot to throw you off? Can you go either way on a particular day? Or, are you usually unhappy, needing something good to happen to shift you?

If you understand your default tendency, and it’s not what you want it to be, make a choice to shift it.

Here are ten keys to happiness:

  1. Know You Can Weather Your Moods
  2. Choose Balance Without Judgment
  3. Practice the Discipline of Denial
  4. Appreciate Variety and Anticipation
  5. Challenge the Status Quo
  6. Create Each Moment as New
  7. Develop Support Systems
  8. Challenge Yourself to Grow
  9. Consciously Choose to Resolve Conflict
  10. Define Yourself and Express Your Gift

Start with this exercise:

Each day this week, list the three best things that happened to you so far today. Start with anything at all, within one hour of waking, and fill in the three slots in order. At any time during the day, when something “makes the list,” place it in its proper place, 1, 2 or 3, and remove the last item. Continue throughout the day looking for things to make the list.

Review the list often during the day to remind you to count your blessings. Thinking of the list will help you look for positive things to happen. Thinking of the list will create positive things. Instead of overreacting to a problem, you may think of the list and feel that if you react differently, you will have something to add to the list – a great feeling of control and confidence. This can change the experience, not only for you, but for others.

Generally reframing your attitude will have a tremendous effect on both your physical and mental well- being.

(Adpated from The Law of Being by iPEC Coaching)